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Welcome to Oriental Dance Academy in Dubai

In O.D.A., we aim to influence the world through the art of belly dancing and capture the different Oriental dance styles available in the world and bring this to a global audience.    

 Belly Dance is natural to a woman`s bone and muscle structure with movement emanating from the torso rather than in the legs and feet. The dance often focuses upon isolating different parts of the body, moving them independently in sensuous patterns, weaving together the entire feminine form.

 Rediscover your creativity and ambition with Belly Dancing which is one of the oldest dance style in the history. You will discover your inner power, both physically and mentally, all the time developing your body`s natural beauty with increased elasticity. Oriental Dance Academy offers the Turkish style of Belly Dance as well as a mixture of Egyptian and other styles such as Khalejii, and Gypsy. Learn coordination and dance techniques whilst enjoying a superb cardiovascular workout. 

 Our Belly Dance team offers performances for special events and parties. To book a Belly Dancer, Dance Crew, Musicians or for more information on courses, please contact us on

Daily Oriental Dance Classes

The Oriental Dance classes in ODA comprises three programmes:

  • Classical Belly Dance 
  • Modern Belly Dance
  • Oriental Theatre
Classical Belly Dance focuses on the use of artistic props of Belly Dance such as Veils, Asaya (cane), Finger Cymbals and Sword and also concentrates on the Historical and Mythological background to Turkish and Egyptian styles of Belly Dancing.

Modern Belly Dance employs more lively, energetic movements such as skip steps and shuffle. Much is executed on the balls of the feet as opposed to the flat-footed classical technique. Movements are smaller and tighter to the body. Our Modern Belly Dance programme concentrates on the artistic purpose of turns with more classic techniques such as Soutenu or Chaîne  turns whereas other programmes use basic spins more often.

Our Modern Belly Dance Programme offers pre-college level certificates for all levels of belly dance. Students may then move on to our teaching programme. The certificate in Oriental Dance Teaching Studies is a part-time two-year course with six modules over six terms.

Oriental Theatre Dance focuses on the development of rhythm and music styles of belly dance specialities as well as the theatrical side of oriental dance including costuming such as Gypsy and Khalijee styles.

Our intensive classes enable our students easily to develop their skills and artistic capacity and to reach the highest technical standards. Please click to check the schedule for daily classes.

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